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#OregonSOS – Rally in Salem Thursday Feb 18!

Fight high rents and low wages! Fight for Oregon’s houseless communities!

#OregonSOS Oregonians are sinking, and it’s time to do something about it!

Join us as we build a tent city on the steps of the capitol building to highlight and call for a housing state of emergency in Oregon. Demand solutions to this state of emergency such as rent control and an end to no-cause evictions, a statewide $15 and local control of minimum wage laws, and an end to ODOT sweeps of houseless camps.

The bus and carpool are full. For those who have RSVP’d for the bus/carpool, please be at the parking lot of the Oregon AFL-CIO by 7:30am. The bus will leave to return to Portland at 3pm. The Oregon AFL-CIO is located near the corner of SE 32nd and Powell (3645 SE 32nd Ave, Portland, OR 97202).

Sponsored and endorsed by Portland Tenants United, Right to Survive, Right 2 Dream Too, 15 Now PDX, Don’t Shoot PDX, Portland Rising Tide, Jobs with Justice, PSUSU, Hazelnut Grove, International Socialist Organization, Portland Solidarity Network, Portland Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines, and more.

The economic case for a $15 minimum wage is good

By Mary King

This article was originally published by The Oregonian on 12/12/2015.

Contrary to claims in a recent Oregonian/OregonLive guest column, the economic case for a shift to a $15 minimum wage over the next few years is based on very solid mathematical analyses by the best labor economists in the field. Their work predicts higher economic growth and therefore more tax revenue; lower business costs for turnover, recruitment and training; greater labor productivity and job satisfaction; lower poverty rates, particularly among single parents and young families; lower public expenditures for food stamps and other benefits; and a counter-force against spiraling income inequality in our state and nation.

The strength of the economic case for a substantially higher minimum wage surprises people who:  Continue Reading…

Flood the Capitol for $15 – Demand “Last Chance or to the Ballot!”

Exact time of event still subject to change. Currently 2pm. Check the Facebook event page for updates.

On January 14, 2016 state legislators will be discussing raising Oregon’s minimum wage. Join us at the capitol building for an afternoon rally where we will deliver the message that it is the legislatures last chance to pass a $15 minimum wage before the people take it to the ballot! We will demand a statewide $15 minimum wage with no one left out: not farm workers, not restaurant workers, not teenagers or new employees, and not rural Oregonians! Anything less than $15 is not enough anywhere in Oregon. Join us and flood the capitol to demand $15 NOW for all of Oregon! Have your voice heard!

Free transportation available from Portland and back for those who need it. The bus and carpool will leave at 12pm. IF YOU NEED TRANSPORTATION, or IF YOU CAN BE A CARPOOL DRIVER, then please follow this link to let us know! http://goo.gl/forms/oo2xSG7qXv

More information on bus and carpool meet up locations will be available. So check Facebook event page for updates

Support Oregonians for 15 – Sign the Ballot Petition

Oregonians for 15 is the petition committee and coalition that is working to put a $15 minimum wage on Oregon’s 2016 ballot. It has become more than clear that our legislators aren’t going to do the right thing. They are going to ignore the numerous cost of living and living wage studies that have been on the State Oregon. They aren’t going to do the right thing for Oregon’s working families by passing a statewide $15 minimum wage. So it is being taken to ballot. Support Oregonians for 15 today and help win a $15 minimum wage for 700,000 low-wage working Oregonians!


When it became clear that last April Oregon’s state legislature was not going to pass a minimum wage increase, Oregonians for 15—a coalition of labor unions, community groups, faith organizations, and small businesses—filed to put $15 on the ballot.

On Saturday September 26, 2015 volunteers in over 20 cities across the State of Oregon collected thousands of signatures as part of a kick off day of action for the signature gathering campaign. But you don’t have to run across someone on the street to sign the petition. You can also download it right in your home and sign it from your comfy chair!